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Lisa Baker

Braun Publishing, 2016
272 pages
398 illustrations
ISBN: 9783037682142

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Nearly for a decade now, more people reside in cities than in the countryside.

Accordingly, planning and development in built-up areas has become one of the most important tasks faced by the construction industry. In order to relieve pressure on congested areas, attractive but affordable housing and the necessary related infrastructure must be created on the urban periphery or on brownfield sites in the inner city.

The diverse solutions emerging from this situation are the subject of The sub/Urban Idea, which showcases numerous projects that are all defined by the motto: Quality not quantity. Accumulations of individually designed groups of houses and smaller developments based on a master plan are increasingly favored above vast homogenous housing estates. They serve a grand aim: to combine the benefits of urban and suburban living in a space close to the city.


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