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Naomi Pollock

Phaidon, 2016
240 pages
300 illustrations
ISBN: 9780714870687

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Occasionally an architect emerges whose vision is so fresh that it causes us to reconsider the very nature of architecture. Sou Fujimoto is one of those architects. Guided by instinct and keen observation, he casts convention aside. Instead he blurs boundaries and routinely rethinks basic building blocks. Both comfortably familiar and curiously enigmatic, Fujimoto's dynamic work grabs our attention then lingers on in our minds.

Born and bred in Hokkaido, Fujimoto received his undergraduate degree in architecture from Tokyo University before embarking on an uncharted, solo exploration that probed the possibilities of architecture. Unfettered by the ideas and practices of others, Fujimoto's work has clarity of thought and purity of execution seldom seen.


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