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Carla van de Puttelaar

Fw: Books, 2017
270 pages
200+ colour photographs
ISBN: 9789490119560

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The book explores her work by a strong an associative edit, and by using special printing techniques and experimental paper it reflects on one of the key elements of the work of Van de Puttelaar: the skin. The work allows the eye to touch the skin on many levels. It makes the viewer aware of the sensitivity and the sensuality of skin, which she examines in detail, without ever forgetting to be aware of the importance of the shapes of the structure that the skin envelopes. The female body has long been her main subject, but in recent years she has also successfully begun to examine the skin and texture of flowers, particularly those on the brink of fading. The book shows over 200 works, and also some process images, which give an insight in selection process and the making of the final works.


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