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Anupama Kundoo

TERI Press, 2009
340 pages
Black and white diagrams
ISBN: 9788179930533

The first volume of Sustainable building design manuals focuses on policy and regulatory mechanisms and serves as a guide to policy-makers and local authorities. It discusses in detail, the case study of Gurgaon-a satellite town of Delhi and one of India's fastest growing urban centers, and proposes an approach based on policy strands that should be applied in tandem with good practices and regularity controls. It also includes a set of real-time case studies from Spain and the UK with a focus on issues, gaps and barriers to policy implementation, pricing policy packages and energy services.

The second volume targets practitioners and focuses on the process of green architecture by combining concepts and technologies with best practices for each integral design component. It serves as a base for assessing building performance and meeting sustainability goals through appropriate strategies.A must-have for architects, designers, urban planners, engineers, and students, it provides thorough insights into the context, techniques, and benefits of sustainable building design.


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