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Thai Ha Books, 2015
340 pages
Full colour illustrations
ISBN: 8936037796321

Vo Trong Nghia said: "As architects in this era, the most important task is to bring the green to the Earth. Architects can tackle this in a way that is different from eco-environmental protection by planting green trees on the roof, facades and more if possible in a building. The better. If we succeed, the areas covered by trees will increase by about 10 times. Tower houses, a popular form of urban architecture of the twentieth century like Manhattan, were designed to expand the floor area for human activities. In this age, it should be transformed into a home and a regeneration of land for trees. The tropical countries, like Vietnam, have a lot of advantages in creating green buildings, as their climate is characterized by high temperatures, year-round rainfall, and it is the perfect environment for plants to emit. Development. "


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