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Andrea Antinori

Corraini, 2016
64 pages
Black & White illustrations, blue text
ISBN: 9788875705626

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The whale in literature: the animal that swallowed Jonah in the Holy Bible and Melville's whale symbolising the invincibility of nature over human fragility. But leaving aside predetermined roles, literary stereotypes and symbolic meanings, what do we really know about whales? What do they eat? In which seas do they live? And how many different kinds of whales are there?

Following his first publication entitled Is this a moose?, Andrea Antinori has now written a book about whales, complete with monochromatic pictures and striking pencil illustrations to talk about whales from an "alternative" and more scientific viewpoint. To get both the young and old more interested in this giant of the sea, debunk certain myths associated with it, and study its lifestyle and behaviour, like genuine naturalists getting right down to the bare facts.


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