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Jack Becker (introduction)

ORO editions, 2016
144 pages
Full colour images
ISBN: 9781941806920

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Over the past twenty-five years, the medium of public installation has gained serious momentum, with the beautification of cities worldwide spearheaded by visceral conceptions and brazen works of art that coerce all passers-by to contemplate not only the work in question or the location it is situated in, but the viewer's relationship to the aforementioned two. This level of frequency and fervour for the medium would not be the same without the pioneering work of Barbara Grygutis, a forerunning practitioner in the field and a champion for public art s selfless ethos in all mediums and all aspects of life. 'Public Art/Public Space' features twenty ground-breaking works accompanied by retrospectives from public art professionals on Grygutis herself, her work, and what her extensive contributions could mean for the works of tomorrow.


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