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Bhajju Shyam

Tara Books, 2016
40 pages
Silkscreen paint on paper
ISBN: 9788186211922

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Produced by arguably India's finest publisher - Tara Books, this book is a visual feast for all ages. It is handcrafted to the highest quality.

The Gonds, a tribe of central India, are traditionally forest dwellers. They believe that trees are hard at work during the day providing shelter and nourishment to all. Only when night falls can they finally rest, and their spirits reveal themselves. These luminous spirits are captured in The Night Life of Trees, a fascinating and haunting foray into the Gond imagination. Each painting is accompanied by its own poetic tale, myth or lore, narrated by the artists themselves, which recreate the familiarity and awe with which the Gond people view the natural world. Screen-printed by hand on black paper, every page of this book is an original print. Each book in this limited second edition of 1,000 is individually numbered.


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