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Amelia Holliday, Isabelle Toland, Michelle Tabet (eds)

AIA, Revealbooks, 2016
192 pages
112 colour images
ISBN: 9780646949659

Eight prominent Australians have also shared their stories: Shane Gould, Ian Thorpe, Anna Funder, Christos Tsiolkas, Paul Kelly, Tim Flannery, Romance was Born and Hetti Perkins. In Australia, the pool takes many forms. In the bush, a waterhole, a dam, a billabong; on the coast, a concreted cavity gouged from the rocks over which the surf spills and crashes. Around the country, old-time municipal baths have steeply decked seating and supervisory signs about diving and running. In the suburbs, millions of tame blue rectangles adorn the back yards, as if plucked from the wild blue ocean. Mysterious and familiar, tame and wild, natural and man-made: a pool is where the communal and the personal intersect. The pool is revealed in these accounts as a vital force in Australian life, not only as the setting for formative childhood memories, but also as the stage for impressive sporting feats that fuel the nation's pride. A backdrop to many significant events in our communities, it is also a deeply contested space in the history of Australia, that has highlighted racial discrimination and social disadvantage. With a foreword by Margo Neale, Indigenous art curator and academic.


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