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Ryuji Miyamoto

Heibonsha, 2004
143 pages
62 duotone illustrations.
ISBN: 4582544266

During the architectural bubble of the 1980s, many famous and historically significant buildings in Tokyo, including the Nakano Prison and the Hibiya Movie Theater, were torn down. Ryuji Miyamoto photographed the demolition sites where such buildings were turned into "ruins" in Tokyo, Berlin, and New York. These photographs were first shown to the public in 1986 and then published in book form with the title Architectural Apocalypse, winning the 14th Kimura Ihei Photography Prize.

Originally published in 1988, this is the second book of Japanese photographer Miyamoto's dark, brooding images of crumbling and decaying buildings around the world. It contains an essay by noted architect Arata Isozaki, followed by images of theatres, power plants, World War Two flak towers, prisons, and several pictures of Kowloon's Walled City.


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