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Matteo Zauli & Guido Molinari (eds)

Corraini, 2016
96 pages
Full colour illustrations
ISBN: 9788875705565

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This book has material as its guideline: inside you will find works by the likes of Lucio Fontana, Alberto Garutti, Giacinto Cerone, Luigi Ontani, Daniel Silver and Ai Weiwei, as well as contributions from Carlo Zauli, Guido Molinari and Maura Pozzati. An analysis of experimentation in ceramics without focusing exclusively on formalisms nor through a choice of purely ceramic artists, but rather by moving freely and selecting works that show the elevation of the technique to an artistic material.

Ceramic as a material for artistic creation, free from artisan virtuosities and from being positioned among the minor arts. Production that becomes experimentation in works from Italian and international artists who have explored clay at some point in their research.

(Italian and English)


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