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Raphael van Amerongen & Henri Christiaans eds.

Episode Publishers
200 pages
Fully illustrated, colour.
ISBN: 9059730070

Although architecture has long been renowned as the 'mother of the art', interior architecture has always been regarded as a tradition of decoration or arrangement. Retail design has now extended its boundaries beyond the arrangement or decoration of space. The design process starts with analysis of the brand identity and finishes only when delivery is completed. Included in and completing this process are components such as visual merchandising, lighting, circulation and all forms of communication relevant to the retail space.

Retail & Interior Design is about 'branding, design, experience and emotion, theatricality, continuity and sustainability.'

The essays in this volume give an impression of the diversity of retail design, the profession of retail designer and the MA course Retail & Interior Design at the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam. Authors include Lieven De Cauter, Marc Dubois, Mark van der Geest, Rodney Fitch, Patrick Kruithof, Hans van der Loo, Luc Pauwels and Michel van Tongeren.


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