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C J Lim

Wiley Academy, 2002
208 pages
Fully illustrated
ISBN: 9780470844397

Flight! The notion of fallen man once more having free reign of the heavens has occupied collective imaginations since Icarus' dramatic failure and shows little sign of abatement, despite the invention of the aeroplane. Icarus' mantle has more recently been taken up by Panamarenko, one of the main inspirations for the Realms of Impossibility books, and one to add to the list of famous Belgians. Panamarenko's work bestrides the realms of possibility with tongue firmly held in cheek. His 'Catapult Max' (1997), a mechanism made of two wood propellers, tightly-wound elastic cables and a body harness, is intended to allow its inventor to leap mountains and buildings with a single bound. His objective? To land square into the back garden belonging to Brigitte Bardot, an actress with whom he has a long-held infatuation. This example is just one of the childlike schemes inspired by myth and fantasy that this three-volume series celebrates.


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