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FRED CRESS: WHISPERS Drawings 1958 - 2007
Ken McGregor

Thames & Hudson, 2007
256 pages
Full colour
ISBN: 9781876832643

Fred Cress, who died in 2009, was a Sydney artist who divided his time between Australia and rural France, where he maintained a second studio. He was a keen student of human nature. While his quizzical gaze detects the subjects - those who flirt, chase, dance, banquet and otherwise engage in the whole gamut of human affairs - his drawing skills, honed over five decades, provided the means of recording them on paper or canvas. This book is about drawing, and about the artist's use of drawing to capture multiple nuances of human behaviour. Cress was an Australian artist who subscribed to the tradition of artists like Rembrandt and Goya who sought to express aspects of the human condition as they saw it in their times. The more than 900 drawings reproduced in this book are arranged in series which date from the 1950s to 2007.


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