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Toby Ng, 2014

Despite the thousands of differences between you and the person you’re next to, you can’t escape from identifying yourself as a member of the world. Agreed? Well then, better face it than run away. In 2008, designer Toby Ng gathered statistics about the diversity of the world’s population and turned the numbers into a series of 20 posters – The World of 100, putting forth this question: If the world were a village of 100 people, what would its composition be? Unsurprisingly the series has gained applause and recognition around the world, including the red dot award: communication design 2009.

Revisiting the world in 2011, with new figures and insights into the ever-changing world, Ng is making the design more accessible to many – isn’t it hard to resist mailing and showing your loved ones the village we are living in? Not only is this book a collection of an award-winning design, these postcards also connect you to other villagers.


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